As a Veteran and a member of a family full of veterans, Chris understands the needs of veterans and active duty service members and has been a consistent champion for them in the General Assembly. Chris was the chief patron of the “Veteran’s Courts” legislation that provides options to veterans with traumatic brain injury and post-traumatic stress disorder (HB 1691, 2011). In 2016, Chris passed legislation to create a pilot program providing a career path for Army Medics, Navy and Coast Guard Corpsmen, and Air Force Medical Technicians to begin practicing in the civilian healthcare industry (HB 825, 2016), then carried a bill that made this unique legislation permanent in 2018 (HB 915, 2018). Chris led the effort with local and state leaders to secure funding and land for a new Veterans Care Center opening in Virginia Beach in 2021 (HB 477, 2016). Chris added surviving spouses and children of veterans to Virginia’s state employee hiring preferences to ensure that our military families are supported (HB 253, 2012). Chris also expanded the Virginia Values Veterans (V3) program that helps employers find qualified veterans and has now hired 50,000 Virginia Veterans (HB1641, 2015). Chris has been awarded the Virginia Chamber of Commerce Military and Veteran’s Advocacy award twice and named the Virginia Military Officers Association of America Legislator of the Year.