Protecting the Vunerable


As a community, it is our responsibility to protect the vulnerable among us. Chris has demonstrated his commitment to the safety of his constituents by working to address threats to our community like human trafficking, domestic violence, and the opioid epidemic. Chris has voted to increase penalties for human traffickers (HB 1964, 2015), make it easier to report a crime (HB 1887, 2019), and ease the burden of victims when testifying (HB 2464, 2019). Chris has also voted to toughen penalties on domestic abusers, especially repeat offenders (HB 2042, 2019), while providing additional protections for victims of domestic abuse and sexual assault (HB 1852, 2017). The effects of the opioid crisis are felt by too many families in our community. Chris has worked to improve education, treatment, and recovery as well as support children exposed to drugs before birth (HB 1786, 2017).