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The House of Delegates Page Program Application is Live!

Know a middle school student interested in learning more about the state legislative process and public service? The Virginia House of Delegates Page Program application is now live. The House Page Program began in 1847 providing students with the opportunity to experience civics education while serving along side legislators and House staff during the General Assembly session.

Who is Eligible?

The House page Program is open to 13- and 14-year old students who complete the application. Pages are chosen by the speaker of the House and the Page Program is administered by the House of Delegates Clerk's Office. Serving as a page is a wonderful experience and an educational opportunity. However, it is also a 40-hour per week paid position for which they are making a firm commitment to report to work every day. Requests for time off to participate in extracurricular activities will not be granted. Their commitment requires hard work, initiative, responsibility, and a positive attitude. The Speaker and the Clerk expect excellent behavior from the pages and rely on a strong support network between the pages, their families, teachers, and the Clerk's staff.

Have Questions or Want to Apply?

Each page application must include a letter of recommendation from a House of Delegates member. Delegate Stolle meets with the student and the parent before the close of the application deadline to answer questions, provide parents and students with a general overview of what to expect while working in the State Capitol during the legislative session. Our office has successfully recommended two applicants in the past two years. If you have questions or would like to make an appointment, please contact us at The application deadline is October 1st, 2019. You may learn more and apply online at House Page Program.

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