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Press Release - Beyond Carbon Ad


October 29, 2019

Contact: Patrick Dellinger: (757) 354-1480

Yesterday the climate change group Beyond Carbon purchased over $335,000 in TV ads targeting Chris Stolle. Beyond Carbon was created this year by New York Billionaire Michael Bloomberg with a $500 million contribution. This effort is the largest independent expenditure against any House of Delegates member this year and it targets Delegate Stolle, who has one of the strongest records in Virginia on addressing the impact of Climate Change.

Chris has led the way in the General Assembly by proposing bipartisan, common-sense legislation to adapt our communities to the risk of flooding. Chris carried legislation to create a cabinet position dedicated to Coastal Flooding (HB 345, 2018) and the legislation that created the Joint Subcommittee on Coastal Flooding (HJ 16, 2014), which he was then selected to lead. He also carried the legislation that created the Commonwealth Center for Recurrent Flooding Resiliency (HB 903, 2016) and has worked with local, state, and federal authorities to secure funds for studies and projects to mitigate the effects of Coastal Flooding. Chris secured $10 million in state funding for the City of Virginia Beach to purchase and protect Pleasure House Point. He is a member of the American Flood Coalition and was awarded the Sierra Club Leadership Award for his work to address Climate Change and sea level rise.

Chris Stolle: “I have spent my time in the General Assembly proposing bipartisan, common-sense solutions to the effects of climate change. Hampton Roads has been recognized as a national leader in flooding adaptation and mitigation because of the work that I and then-Senator Northam began in 2012 with HJ 50. Voters should be insulted by this bad faith attempt by New York Billionaire Michael Bloomberg to buy the House of Delegates for his fellow Democrats.”