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Letters to the Editor

Updated: Oct 25, 2019

See what folks right here at home have to say about Chris in the Virginian Pilot

October 23rd

Re-elect Chris Stolle

This is to offer support for Del. Chris Stolle’s reelection to the Virginia House of Delegates. In times of great partisanship, representatives who value conversation and consensus over short term political advantage are a rare commodity. Chris is one of those people, and we should send him back to the legislature to do our work. Whether it’s health care, education, veterans or the environment, he has shown the ability and willingness to work with both parties to get things done.

I have not met Stolle, but as a constituent, I became used to his effort to let people know about the major issues facing Virginia and what he intended to do about them. I didn’t always agree with him, but I came to admire how he dealt with issues that were particularly controversial. He is steady and level-headed in times when it is needed. He deserves your support.

Bruce M. Lawlor, Virginia Beach

October 22nd

Stolle’s leadership needed

Del. Chris Stolle demonstrates the type of leadership we Virginians need. What began as a request for assistance over preservation concerns for the Historic Weblin House culminated in my respect and appreciation for his experience and ability to work with colleagues for the good of Virginia.

Weblin House (c. 1670) was bequeathed for preservation by Dorothy Moore and is protected by an easement. The lack of transparency by the Department of Historic Resources, which conceptually approved a multi-family development of this property, was frustrating. Stolle wrote to the secretary of Natural Resources, attorney general and Board of Historic Resources, advocating to honor the last wishes of the donor. His persistence was instrumental in the DHR reconsidering and ultimately declining to renew the conceptual approval and thus protect this historic property from development.

Chris’s calm, persistent integrity is exactly the type of collaborative leadership and experience Virginians need.

Brenda Reed-Olejasz, Virginia Beach

October 18th

I endorse Chris Stolle for the 83rd District, because I have had the opportunity to work with him at the General Assembly. He is a respected statesman and trusted leader. He will listen to both sides of the aisle, and then will make the right decisions for the right reasons, not only for his constituents in the 83rd District, but for the people of the commonwealth.

He is a veteran, a doctor, a family man and a thoughtful, analytical legislator with a proven record. Vote Chris Stolle on Nov. 5, and send him back to Richmond to continue doing what’s right for Virginia.

Laura Barnes, Virginia Beach