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Get the Facts!


I am a healthcare provider, and I absolutely support coverage for those with pre-existing conditions.

You may have seen my opponent’s ads or received a flyer in your mailbox recently that claims that I want to make seniors pay more and I supported bills to allow insurers to exclude coverage for pre-existing conditions. This is not accurate, it is completely misleading, and just plain wrong.

I am an OB/GYN physician, and I work every day to provide quality health care in our community. I believe that all Virginians should have access to high quality, affordable healthcare. I see my service in the General Assembly as a natural extension of my medical practice. In the General Assembly, I am there to advocate for you. There are plenty of lawyers, but I am one of a small number of health care professionals in the General Assembly and the only physician running for re-election to the House of Delegates.

Government must provide a safety net for those in need. However, the government must never come between you and your doctor. Too often today we have government dictating what services you must purchase or what must be included in your health plan. These services, many unwanted, drive up the cost of your health insurance. Government regulation is the cause, not the solution to high health care costs.

I supported a measure that would reform short term “gap” coverage insurance to allow renewals up to one year. I work in a hospital and have seen firsthand what unexpected medical bills can do a family’s budget and livelihood. This “gap” measure provided a safety net for our neighbors who had no other options to avoid the risk of financial devastation due to an unexpected medical event. With folks choosing to opt out of the high cost of “Cadillac” plans it just makes sense to provide a low-cost option.

I have never carried legislation to deny coverage for preexisting conditions and I never will. I have carried legislation to expand coverage options and lower premiums. I will continue my work to improve coverage and access to high quality healthcare and protect those with pre-existing conditions.

Womens’ Healthcare

I have spent most of my adult life treating, caring, and advocating for Women.

As the only OB/GYN in the House of Delegates, I have worked to preserve the doctor/patient relationship, to provide access to early detection/preventative measures for breast and cervical cancer, and to provide access to contraception.

  • Said YES to maternity perinatal anxiety information bill

  • Said YES to mammogram/breast density bill

  • Said YES to requiring health insurance companies to provide up to 12-month supply of oral contraceptives. Patroned this bill with the Democratic Minority Leader

  • Said YES to fighting cervical cancer by opposing efforts to eliminate the HPV vaccine. HPV is the leading cause of cervical cancer

  • Said YES to efforts to ensure the doctor and patient are prepared to handle life-prolonging procedures on terminally ill pregnant women

  • Said YES to humane treatment of pregnant inmates by requiring the Board of Corrections to review its standards

  • Said YES to long term reversible contraceptive pilot Initiative so women can make family planning decisions on their timeline

My opponent is “proud to be endorsed by Planned Parenthood” and supports the controversial abortion bill introduced during the 2019 General Assembly session that would allow abortions up to the moment of birth.


My opponent would like you to believe that she is the only candidate that cares about our teachers, our classrooms and our schools.

I am a graduate of the Virginia Beach public school system and all 5 of my children graduated from Virginia Beach public schools.

During the Great Recession our funding for schools was impacted along with every other core state government service. Unlike the federal government, our state constitution requires us to balance our state budget. As unemployment numbers and the economy improved, the state made supporting our teachers and students a top priority. Here’s what I have said yes to on education.

  • Said YES to $2.1 Billion in new funding for our schools

  • Said YES to Teacher Pay Raises

  • Said YES to reducing class sizes and reducing the number of SOLS

  • Said YES to protecting their Employee Rights (HB1889, HB977, HB524) and aligning contract renewal with end of school year Instead of SOL prep time

  • Said YES to the Virginia Kindergarten Readiness Program (VKRP) requiring all kindergarten students be assessed using VKRP by the end of the 2019-2020 school year and annually thereafter.

  • Said YES to $29 million in funding and support for early childhood education

  • Said YES in 2018 to a pilot program to improve 50 early childhood classrooms in faith-based and private childcare centers across the state

  • Said YES to better preparing teachers for the classroom by adding more higher education teacher preparation faculty to the advisory board

  • Said YES to reducing teacher student loan debt

  • Said YES to teacher license reciprocity for military spouses

  • Said YES to Diversifying Teachers Workforce Act

  • Said YES to increasing the number of school counselors & letting them spend their time counseling students

The Environment

No the OB/GYN does not support poisoning babies in their bath water!

I was accused of killing babies when I first ran for the House of Delegates in a television ad which was rated false, and it appears that it is happening again. Now, my opponent has sent out a mailer showing a baby bathing stating that “His bath water may contain toxic chemicals” and “People have tried to find out what’s in the water. But Chris Stolle won’t let them.” To imply that I’m ok with babies bathing in toxic bath water is wrong and shocking.

The Hampton Roads Sanitation Division (HRSD) which cleans our water has been recognized as an industry leader at the national, state and local levels. HRSD received the 2019 Governor’s Environmental Excellence Award for its SWIFT program which I was proud to fund as a member of the House Appropriations Committee; and has won awards from the U.S. Water Alliance and the National Association of Clean Water Agencies. I have full faith in HRSD’s ability to protect the public. Should any citizen have any concern about their water quality, water sample testing is available right here in Virginia Beach for a nominal fee.

My opponent referenced a bill in her mailer that was presented from a Delegate who also serves on the FOIA Council. The bill was drafted as a result of FOIA Council meetings and stated “…Trade secrets, as defined in the Uniform Trade Secrets Act (§ 59.1-336 et seq.), submitted to the Department of Mines, Minerals and Energy pursuant to requirements for disclosure of [ chemical ingredient names, the chemical abstracts number for a chemical ingredient, or ] the amount or concentration of chemicals or ingredients used to stimulate a well pursuant to § 45.1-361.29 or regulations promulgated under § 45.1-361.27. In order for such trade secrets to be excluded from the provisions of this chapter, the submitting party shall (i) invoke this exclusion upon submission of the data or materials for which protection from disclosure is sought, (ii) identify the data or materials for which protection is sought, and (iii) state the reasons why protection is necessary. The Department shall determine whether the information claimed to be a trade secret is entitled to such protection.”

This bill does not allow anyone to pollute our air or water, as the Department of Mines, Minerals, and Energy is required to review any substance that is seeking protection as a trade secret. This bill did not become law.

Our low and middle income citizens are already feeling the impact of increased local water and stormwater fees, yet my opponent supports a plan that is estimated to raise electric bills by an average of $144.00.

I have been a state leader on coastal flooding and I support renewable energy. Here’s a sample of what I’ve said yes to:

  • Said YES to Pleasure House Point by securing state funding

  • Said YES to expediting sand replenishment on our local beaches

  • Said YES to the Virginia Offshore Wind Development Authority

  • Said YES to cleaning up coal ash

  • Said YES to the Clean Energy Manufacturing Incentive Grant Program

  • Said YES to multiple bills that provide credits for investments in renewable energy

  • Said YES to ensuring people don’t pay more when charging their electric vehicle at a charging station

  • Said YES to Renewable Energy Property Tax Credits

  • Said YES to creating the Virginia Solar Energy Development Authority

  • Said YES to funding Department of Energy Career Cluster

  • Said YES to the establishment of a National Offshore Wind Technology Center in Hampton Roads

  • Said YES to Land Preservation Tax Credits

  • Said YES to establishment of the Water Protection and Toxic Chemicals Advisory Committee to make recommendations for the protection of state water resources from toxic chemical contamination

  • Said YES to directing DEQ to identify the owner of any combined sewer overflow outfall that discharges into the Chesapeake Bay Watershed and to determine what actions by the owner are necessary to bring the outfall into compliance with Virginia law and the federal Clean Water Act

  • Said YES to transparency bill showing how DNR spent voluntary tax credits for Chesapeake Bay restoration Funds

  • Said YES to Chesapeake Bay Watershed Implementation Plan