As the only physician running for re-election to the House of Delegates, Chris has a unique perspective and expertise on healthcare legislation. He has consistently written legislation to make healthcare more affordable and accessible by reforming and refining the regulations placed on doctors, nurses, hospitals, and insurers. Chris has passed legislation to reduce unnecessary regulations on doctors (HB 226, 2018), expand insurance options for Virginia families (HB 2443, 2019. HB 2260, 2019. SB 1240, 2019), protect emergency room nurses (HB 1690, 2011), and expand the criteria for inmates to receive psychiatric care (HB 86, 2014). Chris has received the Virginia Healthcare and Hospital Association Hero of Healthcare award, the Virginia College of Emergency Physicians Emergency Medicine Hero award, the Virginia Association of Nursing Friend of Nursing award, and the Virginia Emergency Nurses Association Sponsorship Award.