The economy of Virginia is strong, but we must be vigilant to keep it that way and to make sure that it works for all Virginians. As a small business owner, Chris understands the needs of job creators and job seekers. He has consistently supported legislation that ensures a healthy and competitive environment for Virginia businesses and workers. New and growing businesses are looking for a skilled workforce, modern infrastructure, high quality healthcare, freedom from burdensome regulations, a low tax environment, and attractive communities. Businesses create jobs and Virginia is rated as the best state in the nation for business. As a member of the House Appropriations committee, Chris takes his responsibility as a steward of the Commonwealth’s finances very seriously and has passed a balanced budget every 2 years. Funding Virginia’s core services requires many difficult decisions, but Chris is committed to delivering maximum value for Virginia citizens. Chris has received the Virginia Chamber of Commerce Champion of Free Enterprise Award 5 times and the Distinguished Advocate for Virginia Business twice for supporting Virginia’s growing economy.